Thursday, January 13, 2005


Ok, i've been a happy bunnie these days. :-)

Can't complain, since spending time with my sweetie has been well, quite idyllic. I enjoy our moments of just hangin out, goofing around, be it as simple as a kiss on the shoulder while reading alongside each other, or exploring Marikina for a night (yup, we do that sort of thing).

One of our many adventures was to purchase a Uratex foam bed to replace his cot of a bed in the apartment. After getting it and arranging it in the room, he was all smiles, muttering to himself , "i should have done this months ago". Awwww. I can't help but feel goofy listening to him. hehehe.

Now we've checked out possible adventures out of town, to make most of his stay here (the impending doom still looms). His folks will be here in less than a week (both a thill and a wave of unease for me--- i'm not good at meeting the 'rents) and we've been making some skeletal plan on where to bring them, et al. Also, he plans to go to the famed Sagada, a 10-hour trip to the north (i have no idea if the trip will be worth that effort though) just so he can check out more of the countryside. As for moi, it may very well be a good time to finally go there, after much prodding from friends.

This is, after all, a year for new things.

+ + +

Speaking of new things and possible adventures, i hope that my personal adventure will soon come true. Here's to good vibes, best of luck and yes, possible futures outside my safety net!!! :-D

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